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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Tue Jan 8 12:14:05 GMT 2002

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>  now, unfortunately, jeremy and andrew are failing to provide
>  suitable leadership and a suitable development environment,
>  and have - and are - actively _dis_couraging people - not just
>  myself - from being able to participate in samba development.

	That's not my experience: Jeremy and Andrew
	have been very helpful to me, and open to
	my contributions[1].

	Andrew in particular was kind enough to
	exhaustively review the "Using Samba" draft
	and comment on all the technical errors
	or unclear descriptions. Ok, that's hard
	on the ego, but it's **VALUABLE**.

	And they've always been polite, even when they
	though I was a raving idiot (;-))

> it's bluntly obvious to me that samba is being controlled by
> a small minority of people who are unsuited to and "DON'T CARE"
> about moving the future of unix and linux forward, using samba
> as a tool to end microsoft's anti-competitive practices.

	My impression is that Samba was a file and printer
	sharing program and, dare I suggest, without 
	an agenda.

	I tend to agree that one should act to make
	anti-competitive practices ineffective, but
	I don't agree to such an extent as to engage
	in insult when someone disagrees strongly.

[1. Although I need to re-raise the self-check code!]
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