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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Jan 8 11:53:02 GMT 2002

David Allan Finch wrote:

>Simo Sorce wrote:
>>It has been created as a file and print sharing tool, where MS forced then
>>to add support of a little amount of dce/rpc (and lately ldap) to maintain compatibility, this is the only reason why rpc made it's way into samba I think.
>Nope - SMB "is" an RPC protocol 

Hmmm, I think you need to tell us what you think an RPC protocol is?

I have seen two approaches to implementing remote file access that 
simply map file operations onto client/server messages. One is SMB, the 
other was Prime Computer's first attempt at remote file access. Prime 
subsequently switched over to RPC. Note, that Windows does not bother 
with RPC for most file accesses.

>IFAIK the samba team
>originaly did not know this (*1) and implemented as a standard client
>server protocol.

Please tell us how an 'RPC protocol' differs from a client/server protocol?

> The fact that an RPC protocol 'is' also
>a standard protocol because it is only a layer of abstract
>build on a standard client server, is the only reason
>why samba as is works. To follow your logic
>to its extram "why use the kernels api for writing packets,
>we might as well right them direct to the card." :)
>(*1) even thought I did point it out as well, I think
>before Luke was even on the team before the split.

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