Bash error when login as DOMAIN+username using winbindd

Mark Cooke mark at
Tue Jan 8 07:04:15 GMT 2002

>Hi ,

I have posted this the tech list before and upset a few people because I 
was told to post to the samba only list.
So firstly I appologise for that and secondly thank you very much for the 
help received.

But with the help I received from this list Ive manged to get Winbind to 
work 99%, but all I really need is one last bit of advice
>Ive as mentioned I ve managed to login and everything works fine apart 
>from below:
>Last login: Tue Jan  8 14:20:54 2002 from
>[: too many arguments
>[MMEBS+admin at yoda admin]$

>Ive tried commenting lines out of the system-auth-winbind file and some of 
>the lines in the .bash* file, but for some reason Iam getting the the 
>above error.

Local users login ok, the error doesnot stop logging in, but It would be 
nice to find out why.

Well, I guess it must be either winbind, one of the other pam modules, or 
something in one of the shell rc files?

Has anyone come across this before at all?, or could someone possably pint 
point it down to a section.

Ive managed to find a posting in the samba list regarding this, but there 
was no follow up to it.



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