CVS update: tng/source/passdb

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Jan 8 01:56:04 GMT 2002

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 08:18:33PM -0800, Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> > > right, see the glue pipe.
> > 
> > good.  finally.
> finally!? I have explained this to you lots of times. Heck, I even
> wrote you some sample code when you were at Linuxcare that showed how
> it could be done.
> > > I don't imagine any of this
> > > (which has been said so many times before)
> > 
> > not to me it hasn't.
> As just one example see my email to you entitled 'Re: dce/rpc "client"
> api' on 22nd August 2000.  You even replied to the email and seemed to
> understand it at the time.
 i have insufficient time to find that.  sorry.

> anyway, the past really doesn't matter. If the TNG developers are
> happy with a loadable module and a small glue module that allows
> existing TNG pipes to work then all that needs to be done is a little
> bit of coding to implement it. 
 aside from there being no-one to implement it, yes.

 the reasons i will be happy with this approach is because it
 covers all the possibilities.

 it will allow you to explore options in your own way, migrate
 step-by-step [which is the whole point of the approach i've
 been advocating for three years] one service at a time, to
 any possible combination or selection of service implementation[s]
 anyone desires.

 selectable at _runtime_ by administrators and yourselves.
> Could some of the people who are working on TNG 

there aren't any people working on TNG, andrew.

elrond has about one hour a day to spare, which he uses
to review patches and code-diffs dating back one year,
some of them, and update appropriate ones that are
self-contained and not a lot of work.

peter does makefile, autoconf and option-related

that's it, i'm sorry to have to say.

> comment on if they
> think this approach would be useful? 

> Do you even care any more about
> being able to run your pipes in non-TNG Samba? 


the purpose of this approach is to allow us to
drop samba-tng completely and to use freedce,
wholesale, instead.

> The Samba HEAD code will probably get a more general purpose modules
> interface in the next couple of weeks anyway, as we want to be able to
> load things like auth modules. I've discussed the details of this with
> a few team members to try to get a decent API and I think the design
> is coming along quite nicely. It is basically the same as the
> init_module()/register_SUBSYSTEM() method that the Linux kernel uses.
> So if somebody does want to write a TNG glue module then they should
> find it quite easy to do once this module interface is in place.

there is nobody available to do that, andrew.

however, if i provide you with an IDL file containing all
the necessary data structures, i'm sure that you could use
the auto-generator we worked on 18 months ago to produce a
parser, and you could write the module yourself, to your own
satisfaction, using your own code, in under ... four hours.

you'd need the aparser plus tim's winbind ux-dom-sock code,
which he created from the ux-dom-sock code in samba-tng,
2 years ago.


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