Off Topic - New Etheral out with better SMB parser

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jan 7 03:16:03 GMT 2002

Ulf Bertilsson wrote:
> Slightly offtopic,
> I just like to mention that the new version of "Ethereal" is out.
> The SMB parser is realy neat.
> Very good for debugging or even learn SMB/CIFS.

I have to disagree!  This is highly *on topic* because its one of the
most useful tools for Samba development (the stated topic of this list)

I can highly recommend the new ethereal, having used the cvs version -
it has made my life much easier doing this kind of work.

Many thanks to tpot for his RPC decoding work and to the Ethereal team
for this most valuable tool!

Andrew Bartlett

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