Smbmount broken?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Jan 4 19:13:06 GMT 2002

Urban Widmark wrote:
> HEAD is causing more trouble, and I got stuck trying to get that to work
> properly.
> HEAD does some funky negotiation thing that fails for me vs win2k. One
> part is that if you have dos errors it doesn't understand the error code
> to continue with a second session setup (ERRDOS - ERRmoredata doesn't map
> to NT_STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED), but mapping that to the excpected
> error code still fails. Possibly because the ntlmssp(?) negotiation
> switches unicode or something back on.

I've fixed ERRmoredata to map to NT_STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED, but
that doesn't fix the problems - smbclient still doesn't work with both
DOS errors and SPNEGO. (so smbmount won't either I presume)

What I did for my ERRMAPEXTRACT smbtorture test was to set
cli->use_spnego = False, which makes things sane again.

> And HEAD as a smb server always seems to talk unicode (no matter what the
> client says). I don't know if it is an intentional move to drop support
> for older clients or if the plan is to add that back later on. Or if it is
> just something with the new session setup code.

We *should* only be doing unicode if negotiated...
> Making smbfs understand nt status codes shouldn't be that difficult, I'll
> just do the mappings samba does. But I'd rather avoid the 14k translation
> tables, or at least move them to some smbfs_old_server module. Does anyone
> know what servers that only does dos errors? win9x? OS/2? NetApp's?

I would have assumed most of those (and win9x 'servers' are used
surprisingly often) but check.

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