Win98 connection - MS quality/compability

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Samba is both nmbd and smbd. It isn't just one daemon.

The service provided by nmbd is not just an equivalent to WINS, or DNS. It
does not just implement name-to-IP conversions.

The nmbd daemon implements NetBIOS and LanManager naming and browsing. It
performs the same function as the Network Neighborhood in Windows. Without
it, clients can't get enough information to access other services. The Unix
equivalent is a combination of DNS, NIS, LDAP(?), and probably a few other
user/host/network information services.

The smbd daemon is equivalent to the File and Printer Sharing service on
Windows. The Unix equivalent is NFS and lpd.

The reason your test isn't working even though you are using the IP address
is, Windows uses the IP address to do a NetBIOS query to the host. It is
trying to resolve the NetBIOS name of the host, and gather other
information. Without the host name, most of the request packets which need
to be sent later can't be constructed.

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	My understanding on nmbd and smbd is nmbd is used only for name
resolution,so with nmbd find computer and diplay on network neighbourhood is
possible.Smbd is the one that does file shareing and printer sharing.So if
nmbd is not running,still I should be  able to connect to shares using ip
address.I am debugging on smbd code as well,smbd doesn't get any request
from the win98 if nmbd is not running,smbd will block on select
call.............If nmbd is not running I could able to do map drives from
WinNT and 2000....but Win98 says no such computer or share name......I am
not clear on why this happening..


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> > > Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > > > but do you think anybody ever tests against a
> > > > machine thats intentationaly broken?
> > >
> > > You have _no_ idea of the crazy stuff
> > > we have done with our mashines ;)
> >
> > This was more of a reference to the 'if MS didn't test it (ie doesn't
> > happen with their client/server) it *will* be buggy' syndrome :-).
> Why should they ?
> They are following the RFC, aren't they ? ;)
> But they will behave now after the DOJ verdic ? =D
> Nah, not a perfect world..
> One should think we could have hover cars in the year 2002,
> but we stuck applying "service packs" to half finished marketing OS.
> Nuff WOB from me :)
> Big hug to the Samba team that makes networking still fun.
> --
> Best Regards
> Ulf Bertilsson

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