multiple smbd's ?

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Fri Jan 4 06:54:04 GMT 2002

On 03-Jan-2002 David Collier-Brown wrote:
> Ludolf Holzheid wrote:
>> But samba *is* already spawning a seperate server for each
>> connection. So what is Ralf asking for?
>       A pool of processes per client, so that if
>       one blocks, another can continue.  This is
>       one of a plethora of workarounds for an 
>       HSM thrashing.
Yes, exactly. When I do one copy from multiple clients to
separate media (each copy's has it's own, separate medium as 
destination in the server's jukebox) then everything works 

When I do just two copies from one client to two different
server-media, then the copies of this client get stuck because
there is only one server smbd for two only alternatingly 
accessible client-media.

Are there solutions availlable?


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