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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Jan 4 03:32:03 GMT 2002

Pradeepa Venkatswamy wrote:
> Hi,
>         For testing purpose I run only smbd daemon.I could able to connect to
> shares(map drives) from WinNT & 2000,but not from Win98.But after running
> nmbd,I could able to connect from any machines.why If nmbd is not
> running,win98 couldn't able to do map drives????

So, when you intentionally run samba incorrectly, it breaks and you
wonder why?

I'm not in the least supprised that it doesn't work, particularly
becouse many MS clients do node status requests and other such things.

As another poster mentationed, the NT system is far less tragic - but do
you think anybody ever tests against a machine thats intentationaly

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