Win98 connection

Pradeepa Venkatswamy pradeepa.venkatswamy at
Fri Jan 4 02:51:03 GMT 2002

ya,I am using IP to connect from all machines....I used network sniffer also
to check for the SMB packet,but when nmbd is not running,SMB request has not
been sent by Win98 m/c and smbd is blocking on select call....

Thank you,

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> > Hi,
> >
> > 	For testing purpose I run only smbd daemon.I could able
> > to connect to
> > shares(map drives) from WinNT & 2000,but not from Win98.But
> > after running
> > nmbd,I could able to connect from any machines.why If nmbd is not
> > running,win98 couldn't able to do map drives????
> Are your name resolution working then ?
> NT has somewhat less tragic name resolution.
> Are you using IP to connect ?
> What to the log files say ?

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