tdb_delete used as traversal function

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Speaking from the standpoint of my C experience (I am not familiar with this
specific code):

Yes, the more obvious do_delete_fn function should be used.

The current code is correct, however. The extra arguments will only consume
some extra stack space, and will then be cleaned up when tdb_delete exits,
and the stack frame is popped off.

The current code will perform slightly better than do_delete_fn, however.

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in the following files


tdb_delete is used as paramter to tdb_traverse

but tdb_delete has only two parameters 

int tdb_delete(TDB_CONTEXT *tdb, TDB_DATA key)

while tdb_traverse passes 4 of them

if (fn && fn(tdb, key, dbuf, state)) 

Should not 

static int do_delete_fn(TDB_CONTEXT *the_tdb, TDB_DATA key, TDB_DATA dbuf,
                     void *state)
    return tdb_delete(the_tdb, key);

in tdb/tdbtool.c be used instead ? 



P.S. The comment before tdb_traverse is also wrong, it forgets the paramter 

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