WINS multihomed registration debugging

Kevin (HxPro) Wheatley hxpro at
Thu Jan 3 11:25:11 GMT 2002

"Kevin (HxPro) Wheatley" wrote:
> Questions
> 1) Is there a better way to force the removal of the WINS entries
> without this stop/move/start ?
> 2) Any ideas why the HIPPI interface address prevented the other
> interfaces from being in the WINS database?

More on this. What looks to happen is that some of the the ethenet
packets sent over the ethernet have the source IP address of the
hippi-card (those registering the hippi address), even though they are
destined for the ethernet interface - is this a requirement for the Net
BIOS registration ? (this occurs for types 00, 03 and 20)

What I see is that the last registration is always the hippi one and
then the registration response for types 1e and 00 from the registration
in to the domain go back to the ethernet address but nothing for 03
corresponding to the original name registration except to the hippi

I'm assuming the WAK response packet to the multi-homed register gets
setup with the src and dst ip addresses reversed so then we have a
destination packet from the WINS server that never gets back to the
hippi interface as there is no route to it from the WINS server - should
the WINS server be able to route to all possible destinations ?

Can anybody point me to a good reference for multi-homed machine
registration ? the RFCs I have don't cover it ! So I can see what is
supposed to happen :0-)

> 3) Is there scope for a BIND 'sortlist' style address sorting of the
> returned addresses from the WINS server? i.e. more than simply matching
> based upon the source address of the query (which appears to happen for
> directly attatched clients at least calling nmblookup with different
> interface addresses on the command line at least - not tested on a real
> Windows machine yet...).
> shiva 136# /usr/samba/bin/nmblookup -U atm-bonky -R -T 'shiva'
> querying shiva on 192.168.X.X
> Got a positive name query response from 192.168.X.X ( 192.168.X.X
> 10.123.X.X 10.66.X.X )
>, 192.168.X.X shiva<00>
>, 10.123.X.X shiva<00>
>, 10.66.X.X shiva<00>
> shiva 137# /usr/samba/bin/nmblookup -U bonky -R -T 'shiva'
> querying shiva on 10.123.X.X
> Got a positive name query response from 10.123.X.X ( 10.123.X.X
> 10.66.X.X 192.168.X.X )
>, 10.123.X.X shiva<00>
>, 10.66.X.X shiva<00>
>, 192.168.X.X shiva<00>

I should pooint out that with careful setup you can then force a machine
to use it's 'closest' or 'fastest' route between multi-homed machines by
careful setup. Or is this something WINS just won't do and I should try
something using DNS like the Unix machines do.



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