File mode badly shown in smbclient (want DAHR,---R,---- etc)

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Jan 3 09:31:02 GMT 2002

> On 27 Dec 2001, "Christopher R. Hertel" <crh at> wrote:
> > > 4) Let's not brake other programs.
> > > 	ls -l could use a new experimental output format...
> > > 	or maybe the output format could be set by user?
> > > 
> > > 	Let me choose the output field separator (ascii character/string)
> > > 	or the contents to be included.
> > 
> > Now *that* is good thinking.  It would be much easier to add a new command
> > or option than it would be to change the output of an existing command
> > without breaking other stuff. 
> What about adding a -Q (or --quote-name) option like GNU ls?  

Do any of the smbclient commands support options?  If so, then adding an 
option will probably be easy.  If not, then it might be easier to simply 
add a new command; a modified version of the ls command for instance.

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