smbclient -L is broken in SAMBA_2_2

Alexander Bokovoy a.bokovoy at
Thu Jan 3 07:27:02 GMT 2002

Latest backport of source/libsmb/cli* stuff seems caused 
broken smbclient -L work: it doesn't enumerate servers and workgroups.
CVS HEAD works fine but SAMBA_2_2 does not. My search shows that

	param, PTR_DIFF(p,param), 8,        /* params, length, max */
        NULL, 0, CLI_BUFFER_SIZE,	    /* data, length, max */
        &rparam, &rprcnt,		    /* return params, return size */
        &rdata, &rdrcnt			    /* return data, return size */
													    in source/libsmb/clirap.c:239 returns error code 2320 which isn't enumerated in 
source/include/doserr.h and isn't expected in this function (cli_NetServerEnum) 
where only 0 or ERRmoredata are expected.

This results in absent server and workgroup lists.
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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