Removing the last traces of rpc_client...

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Jan 1 16:04:04 GMT 2002

As those who have been following Samba development closely would know,
we have two RPC client liberies - the old one lives in rpc_client and is
rather crufty.  It was being used in a number of critical places, and
that made it difficult to kill.

The new lib, with much effort from many people including tpot in
particular lives in libsmb.

In any case, I have removed the third-last dependency on this lib from
smbd - the authentication subsystem no longer uses rpc_client, it uses
tpots new libsmb/cli_netlogon.c code.  Likewise I have converted winbind
to use this, which makes the code path much easier to follow (and
removes its dependency on the auth subsystem).

The final pieces are the cli_pipe stuff and some part of the spoolss
subsystem (from smbd) and some of the minor utilities.

tpot: can you look at rpcclient and samsync and see why its still
dependent on rpc_client?

(I'm assuming its just the netlogon credential setting, but I would like
to check).


Andrew Bartlett
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