UTF-8 and LDAP

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Thu Feb 28 13:11:05 GMT 2002

Juergen Hasch wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2002 11:47 schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> > This looks fine (and I might just apply it anyway), but I've still got
> > issues from your previous patch.  See build.samba.org if you can't
> > reproduce it locally, but whenever I run command line tools that
> > charset_initialise(), I get errors about being unable to convert between
> > various charsets - the new UTF-8 being mentaioned in all the cases.
> >
> > Can you have a look at it for me?
> >From the configure output I can see that libconv isn't available and
> sambas own smb_libconv stuff is used. When I configure samba
> with --without-libiconv I see the same messages (plus a few more
> because I also use the ISO8859-15 charset).
> Fortunately Samba comes with it's own UTF-8 conversion if libiconv is missing.
> However it looks for "UTF8" in iconv.c whereas I named it "UTF-8" in
> charcnv.c. Now if you could change line 41 in lib/charconv.c from
>         else if (ch == CH_UTF8) ret = "UTF-8";
> to
>         else if (ch == CH_UTF8) ret = "UTF8";
> (sorry no patch) it will all work again.

Thanks!  I'll have that in the tree shortly.

One final question.  Where is it stated that LDAP must be UTF8?

I'm just a bit worried that it might not be fixed in stone.

(in which case we get a 'ldap charset' as well).

Andrew Bartlett

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