Initgroups errors.on OSX with WinXP

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Thu Feb 28 04:23:02 GMT 2002

on 28-02-2002 12:50, Andrew Bartlett at abartlet at wrote:

> The DJ wrote:
>> To answer part of my questions.
>> Nobody is the default group/user for guest access.
>> In OSX both those have a gid/pid of -1 This is not allowed by the function
>> winbind_initgroups in smbd/sec_ctx.c
>> This error never showed up before 10.1.3
> Then tell apple to fix their OS (guest account as -1 is a *really* bad
> idea).  In the meantime chose a new 'guest user = ' in your smb.conf.

I don't think they are going to do that just for us. Actually the account
nobody is there for posix/linux/unix compatibility I think. Apple itself
uses the account 'unknown' for these types of things. It has been this way
since Nextstep I believe.

I'll patch my next release to use the account 'unknown' as the default guest
account. Maybe samba's local.h can be patched to use unknown on Darwin from
now on.

>> BTW. This function is called winbind_initgroups. I don't have winbind
>> compiled, so why is this. If this is a function that is not only used by
>> winbind but also by the base smbd, then I think it should not be prefixed
>> with winbind.
> It is winbind_initgroups becouse it *can* call winbind, and you can't
> call it just 'initgroups' becouse then you would clash.

Well, then maybe it should be prefixed with something else ;-)
Just buggin you. It just clashes with what I have learned about naming


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