stdio in smbd

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Feb 27 11:10:22 GMT 2002

> 	Ok folks, can we get this diagnosis
> 	verified and checked in, then?

It's not the right fix. The right fix is to replace stdio with
something that can handle more than 255 open files. That's why I added
lib/xfile.c in Samba 3.0. It's a stripped down stdio replacement that
doesn't have this problem.

We also should switch to poll() from select() on systems that have
it. The select() interface is just broken, although unfortunately
poll() doesn't exist on all systems so we'll need to use a
higher-level function that abstracts the two.

Meanwhile, the "limit to less than FD_SETSIZE" patch would be OK if it
was conditional on a configure test that checks to see if a large
select is a problem. That shouldn't be too hard to test using
/dev/null and dup2().

Cheers, Tridge

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