samba as a 64 bit app - Was: stdio in smbd

Toomas Soome tsoome at
Wed Feb 27 10:28:06 GMT 2002

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 09:26:28AM +0200, Toomas Soome wrote:
> >
> > there can be problems with time data from smbpasswd. time_t in 64bit
> > solaris is 8 bytes...
> Ok - we should address this for 3.x. Patches welcome....

I suppose there is a big question -- if smbpasswd data (or sam or
whatever) is shared via nis+, ldap, ... then there must be common format
for time values. 8 byte data means overhead for 32 bit time_t systems
and 4 byte data means data loss for 64 bit time_t. I suppose, windows is
recording 64bit time values?

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