Package distribution hassles - a proposal.

Max TenEyck Woodbury mtew at
Wed Feb 27 07:43:04 GMT 2002

Max TenEyck Woodbury wrote:
> Gerald Carter wrote:
>> ...
>> But again, you should be contacting John, Tridge, & Jeremy about this
>> if you want to follow through.
> OK. I'll need an intro to get their attention. Do you mind if I forward
> this to them?
>> ....
>>> I'd like to help some. I don't have the resources to take the whole
>>> job on, but I might just be able to make a useful contribution.
>> I really encourage you to talk to the maintainers of this.
>> They have reasons for the design that I'm sure they can articulate
>> much better than I.
>> Anyways....I'm fairly bogged down right now so I'll drop off.
>> Before you start working on this, make sure you get Tridge & John
>> to sign on to the idea.  Jeremy as well of course.  I don't really
>> care on way or the other.
>> ...
>> jerry
> mtew at

I'd like to start by collecting a list of all the published 
distributions with their salient characteristics. That will take a
bit of work to build. Once I have a preliminary list, I'll post it
to this list (samba-technical) for review. After that I think it would 
be appropriate to turn it into a page on the web site. Also, 
a contact point should be established for publishers who want updates 
to the page. I'd be one of those contacts and do the page updates, but 
there should be an official record as well.

With that base-line information, it should be quite a bit easier to
build a distribution that interacts well with the stock distribution.

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