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Esh, Andrew AEsh at tricord.com
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How does that apply to VFS modules that are dynamically linked, and referred
to in smb.conf via the "vfs object" tag? By including dynamically linked
libraries, this implies that Samba's license controls that of libc,
libcrypt, libnsl, and many others. I don't believe it does.

Perhaps you are referring to the other type of VFS "module": One that is
linked directly into Samba as a .o file, in the same way smbd/vfs.o is. I
agree that such modules are controlled by Samba's license.

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Sergey Akhapkin wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'd wrote vfs-module for our antivirus daemon. I've question about
> licence.
> Are sources of vfs-module must be open or not ?
> Are sources must be distributed under GPL (if must be open) ?
> Can we distribute it not under GPL ?

All VFS modules *MUST* be distributed under the GPL.  All code that is
linked to Samba *must* be under distributable under the same licence as
samba itself.  

That being said, you are free to also distribute it under a more liberal
licence (the LGPL for example) or another licence *and* the GPL (at the
user's option).

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