domain trusts patch - corrected version

Rafal Szczesniak mimir at
Wed Feb 27 04:07:14 GMT 2002

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> > 
> > This is the patch that extends 'net' tool with ability of creating
> > trusting domain's account on remote rpc server (samba not included
> > yet, sorry) and ability of establishing trust to a trusted nt domain.
> Looks good.  One thing:  We now try to store the trust passwords in
> clear-text in the tdb.  This does nothing to change security, but allows
> for their extraction and manual manipulation/testing etc.

No problem. It may even simplify one function (connect_to_ipc) a little.
However, it would be easier for me to make a patch (with plain text trust
passwords) against code I've already sent. So commit it, if you think you

> I'll take a closer look at the patch and get back to you.

Ok, meanwhile I'll continue work on auth_trustdom.c file...

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