[Samba] group 'Domain Users' doesn't show up anymore (fwd)

Ivan Zhakov vunny at mail.ru
Mon Feb 25 13:34:03 GMT 2002

> I'm running samba 2.2.3a as PDC and the two global groups 'Domain Admins'
> and 'Domain Users' did work some time ago.
> I don't know since when, but now  only 'Domain Admins' shows up in the
> usermanager of XP and win2k. In XP 'Domain Users' is replaced by
> Unix.group.nnnnnnnn, in win2k it is completely missing.
> On the console 'Domain Users' becomes some cryptic chars:
> X:\>net group /DOMAIN
> The request will be processed at a domain controller for domain DEMAG
> Group Accounts for \\PDC
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> *??
> *Domain Admins
> The command completed successfully.
> An equal search from a linux box brings the expected result:
> $>rpcclient //pdc -U martink -c "enumdomgroups"
> Domain=[DOMAIN] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.3a]
> cmd = enumdomgroups
> enumdomgroups
> group:[Domain Admins] rid:[0x200]
> group:[Domain Users] rid:[0x201]
> Any ideas how to get that group back ?

I clash bug that you decribed. I spend one day and found mistake made by
samba developers (very simple mistake). So if you need I attach patch for
2.2.3a and 3.0-alpha15 version.

Sincerely yours,
Ivan Zhakov

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