stdio in smbd

Tim Potter tpot at
Mon Feb 25 11:23:02 GMT 2002

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 12:40:21PM -0600, Eric Dirks wrote:

> The stdio library on Sun architecture is limited to file descriptors less than 256 and this
> limitation is being encountered with some regularity in our smbd processes. Mostly it means that the
> log file "reopen" call has problems and continues to use the old file, but I've also seen problems
> opening the user map file - which results in access problems because mappings cannot be read. (I
> suspect there are other problems as well). These problems don't happen unless your clients use a lot
> of open files but a group of our users here seem to have 200-400 open files almost all the time.
> Is anyone working to convert the stdio calls to other functions using file descriptors? I do need to
> fix this problem here and I'd rather avoid duplicating work that has already been done if I can
> avoid it.

There's the "xfile" library written by tridge which is supposed to solve
this problem.  It sounds like there is still something wrong if you are
running out of file descriptors. 

Which version of Samba are you using?  I suspect xfile is only in 3.0.


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