DACLs patch for samba 2.2.3a on linux with XFS filesystem (EXPERIMENTAL)

Olaf Frączyk olaf at cbk.poznan.pl
Sat Feb 23 10:17:45 GMT 2002


I want DACLs to be honoured by samba.
So my idea is, if we create directory or file in directory which has 
default ACLs (DACLs), to let system set permissions on them.
If somebody wants to test it on another platform, he should fill a 
function in /lib/sysacls.c for it.
Function is:
BOOL sys_acl_has_dacl(const char *path);
This function takes as parameter parent directory of created object.
By now, for other platforms it always returns False, so there is no impact 
for them at all.
Also, if you don't have DACLs on your directories, samba will behave in 
old way.

If it works as you want, I'll add parameter for smb.conf (per share). Oh, 
I have to find how, first ;)

Side effects:
The hidden,system,archive mapping will be probably affected.

I think, that the only right resolution for this, is to put them in EA, on 
filesystems which support EA.

I mould like Jeremy Allison to look at it, and tell if it is OK.
And if it is, I would like to add an option eg.
honour dacls = yes/no
to smb.conf
And to have it in 2.2.4 :)


Olaf Fraczyk
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