RedHat/SaMBa package distribution hassles.

Michael Jennings mej at
Fri Feb 22 13:30:03 GMT 2002

On Friday, 22 February 2002, at 13:16:32 (-0800),
Andrew Morgan wrote:

> Why not:
> samba-2.2.3a		The whole thing
> samba-common-2.2.3a	Common stuff
> samba-client-2.2.3a	Client stuff
> samba-server-2.2.3a	Server stuff
> samba-swat-2.2.3a	SWAT

Or you could just declare this whole argument over and done with.

Just talk one of the Samba developers into adding the following to the
spec file they supply:

Provides:  samba = %{version}, samba-common = %{version}, samba-client = %{version}, samba-swat = %{version}

You could even add "samba-server = %{version}" if you were so


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