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David Brodbeck wrote:
> The DMCA covers software that provides a copy protection function.  There's
> (currently) nothing in SMB that does this.
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> >         2) establishing  or interpreting portions of
> >            the protocol as "anti-circumvention"
> >            measures, and
> I don't really understand this. That does this mean?

	Legal weaseling, actually.

	For example, any access control functionality
	is an anti-circumvention measure if it's
	used to prevent copying of particular programs.
	Therefor putting a chmod +w on the wire via
	telnet can be defeat of an anti-circumvention 
	measure (;-))

	And yes, the logic really does hold: my wife's
	legal-draftsman friends tell jokes about how
	ridiculous one can get and still be technically
	illegal (ask me about trying to force the
	Catholic church to put in condom dispensers some

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