Samba and Netscape Directory integration

Michael Hoffman michaelh at
Mon Feb 18 11:57:02 GMT 2002


I hope this is the right list, seeing as I'm somewhat new to messing with
the actual Samba code...

I've been working on getting Netscape Directory Server 4.15 on Solaris 8 to
act as authentication hub for  *ixes (so far Solaris and Linux) as well as
act as backend for Samba 2.2.3a operating as PDC.

My goals are automation of creating the necessary attributes when users are
added - apart from getting Samba to talk properly to NDS in the first place.

The two-prong approach is:

- Changes to passdb/pdb_ldap.c to allow it to work properly when using the
Netscape SDK (with the main flaw being that Netscape/iPlanet still doesn't
support TLS :-( ). OpenLDAP wont be used.

- Use of a NDS SLAPI plugin to automate population of attributes necessary
for both Posix and SMB logins. Tis will allow user addition either through
the fairly primitive admin console or some other 3rd party tool (Oblix?)
with a minimum of input. The plugin makes use of libsmbclient.

Both items are in rough alpha at this time, with enough crashes due to
undocumented pitfalls in both NDS SDK and libsmbclient.  But at least things
are compiling... 8-}

Seeing as this is very likely a bit of an obscure "backwater" for most Samba
coders, I'm simply seeking a few developers with NDS experience to bounce
ideas off offline, so as not to clog the list (unless consensus is that this
is of enough interest to warrant general list traffic).

Mike (michaelh at

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