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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Feb 18 08:10:28 GMT 2002

Steve Langasek wrote:

> Essentially, the smbwrapper would provide an entry point for, e.g.,
> fstat(), which would pass through any requests for regular files to
> glibc's fstat implementation by calling __fxstat().  Recent versions of
> glibc no longer provide anything to hold on to: the only 'fstat' symbol
> glibc now provides is __fxstat itself, which means a VFS wrapper needs
> to intercept this call, leaving way to unambiguously call glibc's
> __fxstat for pass-through operations (without using dlopen() and
> friends, which smbwrapper does not currently do).


	I have an action item to convert the
	Solaris Performance Plugin from
	syscall(SYS_open,...) to dlopen(RTLD_NEXT,...)
	so as to allow it to stack properly.  I
	can have a look at smbsh at the same time,
	roughly two weeks hence.

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