memory leak in winbindd 3.0-alpha13

Leducq Dominique dleducq at
Mon Feb 18 03:19:43 GMT 2002


Doing some tests with winbindd (I used 3.0-alpha13), I found a memory leak, 
that may have been fixed since then, but I didn't saw that browsing the cvs...

The problem is with a TALLOC_CTX (named "main loop talloc (mainly 
parse_misc)") beeing created in rpc_parse/parse_misc.c:main_loop_talloc_get()
and used in each RPC call, but never beeing cleaned up. The alternative, 
current_rpc_talloc, seems never to be used.

Here's a possible patch, that is solving the problem for me :

*** nsswitch/winbindd.c	Sat Feb 16 21:06:40 2002
--- nsswitch/winbindd.c	Sat Feb 16 22:35:58 2002
*** 280,285****
--- 280,286 ----
  		if (state->request.cmd == table->cmd) {
  			DEBUG(10,("process_request: request fn %s\n", table->winbindd_cmd_name 
  			state->response.result = table->fn(state);
+ 			main_loop_talloc_free();

Dominique Leducq

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