getent group under Solaris 8

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Feb 14 05:48:31 GMT 2002

Clive Elsum wrote:
> Running winbind on Solaris 8, has anyone been able to solve the getent group
> problem where only "Domain Admins" are returned when a large number of domain
> groups are involved? This problem does not occur on the Linux implementation
> i.e. all domain groups are seen under Linux, but NOT Solaris 8

	If anyone is investigating this,
	add me to the CC list, as I'm professionally
	curious about anything Slolaris does wrong (:-))

	Try running truss -f -l -d -p <pid>
	or apptrace -f <program> ands mail me the
	result: we may be able to spot the
	difference between solaris and linux by
	comparing these with strace logs.

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