smbd does not support space in user or group name

Lin Li linl at
Wed Feb 13 07:43:04 GMT 2002

"Esh, Andrew" wrote:

> Here's what I use with winbind:
>         valid users = "@%D+Domain Users"
> or if you don't want to use macros, this would work with domain name
>         valid users = "@DOMAIN+Domain Users"
> Perhaps I am misunderstanding the problem, but I don't see why any
> change is needed.

> Hmmm... I though you could simply do something like
>         valid users = " @"Domain Users" "
> jerry

Both of these do not work. What I did is on  a samba machine create a
share, grant the permission to "Domain Users" by setting valid users as
both of you suggested.  Then I use smbclient to access this share. I get
some message in the log file like this:
user_in_winbind_group_list: winbind_lookup_name for group \DOMAIN\Domain
Test with my patch works in such situation.


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