NetServerEnum2 and looking for dc

Rafal Szczesniak mimir at
Mon Feb 11 12:52:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Steven French wrote:

> Make sure that you look at the function get_dc_list (see namequery.c - at
> least in the head branch) which does something similar to what you want but
> using the Netbios name lookup (which is less reliable in some cases - since
> not all servers register 0x1C and WINS with multiple subnets is a mess).

Exactly. That's probably why WinNT Server uses NetServerEnum2.

> Probably best would be to modify the get_pdc_name function to make it
> "get_dc_name" and adding a parm ala get_dc_list to make the new function
> find either the PDC or all logon servers for the domain (via NetServerEnum
> rather than WINS).

Yes. I'm thinking about this. To make the current function a 'lower level'
and call it from inside functions like get_dc_name, get_pdc_name...

Actually, even from my stuff's point of view it's dangerous to relay on
response from Backup Domain Controller. I think I better leave it as it is
now and just fail if there's no response from PDC, while establishing

> The new function would be useful in the many cases when
> Netbios-over-TCPIP is disabled or the netbios names are unreachable.   Come
> to think of it - we should not forget the "best" way - checking for the dns
> server resource records that the domain controllers register - the third
> and final.   The functions in

Thus, I can construct more reliable method for establishing trust
relationship than NT Serv uses :)

> There may be cases where a combination of calls to get_dc_list and
> get_dc_name and even a dns RR lookup is required in order to successfully
> get the (complete) list of domain controllers in a domain.

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