Samba Binary Installation

rsuhas at rsuhas at
Mon Feb 11 12:15:02 GMT 2002

I wanted to setup my 486 m/c with 16MB ram as a printer server.for this I 
installed BasicLinux,which is bits and pieces of slackware 3.5.I later on 
realised that I need to install Samba so that this system could be setup
as a server so that it could be accessed by anyother system.I downloaded
Samba binaries samba-2.0.3-Slackware-3.5.tgz to the
/usr/local/samba(samba is the directory I created)
directory.I untarred it.My problem now is,
It has created the same directories which are already there in
Basiclinux(usr,bin,sbin,lib,local,....)now I don't know how to proceed
with two-two directories with the same name.I don't know how to configure 
the system to be a printer server.Please help me as this is part of my
project work.
How do I proceed now???I had followed the steps given in the samba
docs,still I couldn't install samba.Also.I could not use the make command 
,as I get an error msg saying make command not found.Pls help!I have
never worked on all these before.
Please reply.
Suhasini Rao

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