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Benjamin Kuit bj at
Thu Feb 7 01:34:04 GMT 2002

I'm having trouble with viewing print queues on a samba 2.2.cvs server
from a windows 2000 workstation.

The print queue does not refresh itself fast enough, at in many
situations it wont refresh at all.

I can effectivily change the refresh rate of the queue by changing
the value of 'deadtime'. ie if deadtime = 10, then the queue will
refresh every 10 minutes, so it seems that the queue refreshes only
as a consequence of the workstation making a reconnection. I've looked
at the logs and see that "print_cache_expired" is only called at these
times ( or when forceably called View->Refresh ).

Also, if there is another process accessing queue properties ( in my
case a win98 laptop looking at the queue ), the queue on the w2k box
doesn't refresh at all (the view from the win98 box refreshes at a
freq. of about 6 per minute ).

The refresh rate of print queues of NT queue (NT Server) is quite fast
(about 6 per minute), so maybe its samba 2.2 telling the workstation
not to refresh so much?

Printing itself (test pages, word documents) seem to be fine, we just
have alot of people here who like to look at print queues, and will be
upset if they dont seem to work.

Any hints or suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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