No general %D support in 2.2.3?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Wed Feb 6 00:35:03 GMT 2002

I'm having problems getting winbind to work reliably, and was wondering if I 
could enhance the "add user script" option I've been using successfully for
some time instead.

I see "%D" is available within the winbind sections of smb.conf (it resolves
to the domain name). However, it isn't available under the "add user" option 
- apparently only "%u" is?

Is there a reason for that? Could %D be added? By that I mean defining
usernames Samba-wide as  "%D<delimiter>%u" - like with winbind.

[winbind only works for 10 min - hours here under RH 7.2 and then hangs
until restarted. If such changes were made to Samba, running "wbinfo -g" to
generate /etc/groups every once-in-a-while plus "add user script" would
provide almost all of the functionality of winbind without the dependency]

Before anyone says "why not help fix winbind?" I'm not adverse to that; it's
just that such problems show how my lovely reliable Unix systems can
suddenly become usless due to some non-Unix problem elsewhere. 


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