Samba for linux appliance LEAF / LRP GLIBC 2.0.7

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Tue Feb 5 18:27:28 GMT 2002

Why not try it and see?  


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Subject: Samba for linux appliance LEAF / LRP GLIBC 2.0.7

Help, I need help and advice compiling
Samba for Linux Router Project (LRP) and
Linux Embedded Application Firewall. (but this is out of date)

LRP is a bootable floppy or CD-R firewall,
would make a nice bootable CD-R server.
But the most recent Samba binary is
smb-2b.lrp (aka Samba 2.0.4b) is really old.

Can anyone help me compile for GLIBC 2.0.7
for LRP distros?
The development requirements are listed here (near bottom)

Will there be any problems compiling Samba with
GLIBC 2.0.7?


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