CIFS extensions for UNIX

John Newbigin jn at
Mon Feb 4 21:57:38 GMT 2002

I have built a new patch for smbfs which implements most of the required 
CIFS extensions.

In this patch, the following should all work:
all standard file io (open, close, read, write etc).
using device nodes (char, block & fifo).
Setting timestamps.  (This was broken)

I have done some testing with mode settings.  To get unix semantics you 
need to configure the server with:
         map archive = No
         delete readonly = Yes

I have implemented a call to get the server extensions version number 
and capabilities but they are not stored at the moment.  The values are 
not of much use at the moment anyway.

I have not implemented mknod as it seems that this might be changed on 
the server side.  (Which I think is a good idea).

You still need a patch for the samba source.  The patch implements 
SMB_SIZE_NO_CHANGE and SMB_TIME_NO_CHANGE.  Both of which should work on 
machines without a 64 bit integer type.

You can get the patches here:


Information Technology Innovation Group
Swinburne University. Melbourne, Australia

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