getsmbpwpos and setsmbpwpos

Tim Leamy tcleamy at
Mon Feb 4 18:16:02 GMT 2002


  Please send responses directly to me, since I'm not currently subscribed
to this list.

  I'm trying to write a new password routine to use NIS (not NIS+).  We
run into problem using the standard smbpasswd file since we have 45K+
accounts.  Going through the whole file was just too slow.  I think I
have it mostly working, but have some questions on the getsmbpwpos and
setsmbpwpos calls.  I have to store the ypnext key, which doesn't easily
fit into a SMB_BIG_UINT.

  First, are those two functions even used?  I'm working with 2.0.7 and
they aren't referenced in passdb.c, or anywhere else as far as I can tell.

  If they are used, how many concurrent getsmbpwpos's do I need to track.
Will it always be get, then set?  Or can it be get1, get2, get3, set2,
set1, set3?  Basically, can I assume that I will only have to store info
for one getsmbpwpos at a time.

  Can I safely free the info after a set?  Or will Samba ever need to do
two sets with the same get?

  I hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance you for your help.


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