FHS classification of tdb files

Steve Langasek vorlon at netexpress.net
Mon Feb 4 14:56:06 GMT 2002

<http://bugs.debian.org/102101> points out a problem with
FHS-conformance of Samba, even when --with-fhs is enabled.  It seems
that all tdb files used by Samba are created in either $lockdir or
$privatedir.  The problem is that as the use of tdb in the samba sources
has expanded, it's encompassed things that are neither lockfiles nor
private data.

The FHS codifies the subdirectories of /var according to the type of
data they contain.  /var/run is for data that SHOULD be cleaned after
a reboot; /var/cache is for cache data that CAN be removed, because it
will be automatically regenerated if missing; and /var/lib is for
persistent data that SHOULD NOT be touched by automatic cleaning
scripts.  I believe that the lockdir is currently being used for all
three types of data, which means that no Samba package can be strictly
FHS-conformant at this time.

I think I've mostly sorted out which category each file falls into, but
I'd like the help of this list in checking my assumptions and helping to
categorize some of the files that I'm not familiar with.

browse.dat: reconstructed from the network if absent.  /var/cache/samba
connections.tdb: not valid across reboots.  /var/run/samba
messages.tdb: not valid across reboots.  /var/run/samba
ntdrivers.tdb: persistent print subsystem data.  /var/lib/samba
ntforms.tdb: persistent print subsystem data.  /var/lib/samba
ntprinters.tdb: persistent print subsystem data.  /var/lib/samba
unexpected.tdb: not valid across reboots.  /var/run/samba
winbindd_cache.tdb: cache data.  /var/cache/samba
wins.dat: persistent list of WINS registrations.  /var/lib/samba
nmbd.pid: pid file.  /var/run
smbd.pid: pid file.  /var/run

There are also these files, which I'm not sure yet how to categorize.  I
presume that brlock.tdb and locking.tdb are not valid across reboots,
but I'm not really sure about any of these, so any pointers would be 


Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer
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