Rewaiting a few last minute doc changes

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Feb 4 06:32:30 GMT 2002

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> The 2.2.3 release will happen this weekend, as I'm waiting a few
> (rather critical) doc changes to explain how to set up a 
> samba-only pdc/bdc combination and the ldap howto.

	A NON-critical documentation-and-policy question
	for 2.2.4:

	Currently, we sem to default
		mangled names = Yes
	(unless it just changed).  This startled
	me, as I thought we were being NT-like.
	However, when i brought up smbfs on a linux
	test machine, all the names were in 8.3 format.

	I checked the 2.0.8 I was running and the 2.3-pre?
	I had been testing, and testparm claimed in both
	cases that the dedault was mangled names = Yes
	I changed it, of course, in my smb.conf, but
	it wasn't what I'd expected!

	Did I miss something?

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