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Sat Feb 2 22:54:53 GMT 2002

Scott Gifford wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> writes:
> [...]
> > Even if ptys are allocated, I am very much of the view that this is
> > best done outside samba, because it is something that *will* need
> > customization for every site - unlike utmp, where the OS dictates
> > the 'norms' this is much more a 'how do I want to set up my system'
> > thing.
> Perhaps I misunderstand you, but isn't the customization that would be
> required to allocate ptys already done in the password changing code?

I was referring to *per site* customisation.  Why should the method of
message delivary be cast in stone?

> [...]
> > If 'write' and 'wall' functionality is desired, I think that some
> > kind of daemon listening on these 'terminals' (actually pipes in a
> > dir) is the desirable solution.
> Do you (or anybody) know how portable having pipes instead of ptys in
> utmp would be?  It did work on the Linux system I tried it on, but I
> haven't had a chance to try it out on other systems.  I'm not aware of
> any other widely used software that does this, though...
> Also, hasn't the Samba Team expressed a reluctance to have samba going
> around creating things in /dev?  I seem to remember this, although
> looking around I can't find any messages to reference.

Its not reluctance, it simply won't happen.  But I don't mind assisting
this (very neat) concept by providing the requisite hooks for some
external program/module to do the dirty work.  I think that PAM modules
provide a nice way to do this, without needing to modify anything in
smbd *at all*, and I'm willing to provide 'exec' hooks as described in
earlier e-mails.  (People use pre/postexec for much of this stuff

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