Scott Gifford sgifford at
Sat Feb 2 22:52:03 GMT 2002

Sorry, I forgot one thing in my previous message...

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> writes:


> It should be noted that none of this actually requires modification to
> Samba - even now!.  If you want to make this happen - simply write a
> daemon that listens on /dev/smb/0 - /dev/smb/x (where x is the maximum
> number of connections you expect to receive).  It can include its own
> code to read sessionid.tdb and the message sending code to bug the
> client with it.

There tends to be a fairly low limit to the number of simultaneously
open file descriptors in many Unices---much lower than the number of
available ptys, which people seemed concerned with.  So taken
literally this probably wouldn't work all that well.


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