Problem setting Printer Options in Samba 2.2.3 -- Works in 2.2.2

Dr. Hansjoerg Maurer hansjoerg.maurer at
Fri Feb 1 03:40:58 GMT 2002


on thuesday I checked out the 2.2.3 CVS.
Today I recognized, that I am unable to save the options of my HP 2100
TN (e.g the 3rd input tray).

I removed all driver files in the W32X86 directory (samba stopped
before), removed all tdb files, installed the driver again.
No matter, setting options doesn't work.
If I chose 3rd input tray available (translated from german) and press
ok, nothing happens.
If I open the printer-properties again, only the two trays are

After that, I stoped samba, copied the old 2.2.2 binaries over the new
ones and adding the third tray works again like before.

If you need debug messages (what level?) let me know.

Are there any new priniting specific options I had to add to my

Thank you very much


Dr. Hansjörg Maurer
itsystems Deutschland AG
Linprunstr. 10
D-80335 Muenchen
Ph/Fax +49 89 52 04 68-41/-59

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