Win2K sp3 and Samba 3.0: status?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Dec 29 21:17:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 13:16, Jim McDonough wrote:
> >Good news:  I've gotten the server to join, and even have some idea of
> >the source of the trouble.  The server was joined to an AD realm
> >initially, and we were trying to transition directly to the Samba domain.
> >If I parted from the AD realm first and rebooted, I was then able to join
> >the domain.
> >
> >When parting the AD realm, Win2K did give a warning that it failed to
> >delete the machine account, but this was non-fatal.  I'm wondering if
> >this was the real cause of the failure before, in which case the network
> >trace I sent you probably wouldn't be particularly useful.  Is there any
> >concerted effort to document such issues, where I might forward this
> >hint?
> Very interesting.  This was the same setup Andrew Bartlett was saying
> didn't work for him at the CIFS conference.  Seems like you have to leave
> the domain first...which wasn't the case with NT.
> I wonder if there's something we're missing in this join that would enable
> us to do it without leaving first...

I think there probably is - I remember seeing all sorts of interesting
things being attempted on SAMR back then, and we probably need to
implement a few more of them.

Andrew Bartlett

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