smbwrapper use of port 139 vs 445... Ok to force to 139?

Derrell.Lipman at Derrell.Lipman at
Mon Dec 23 20:54:00 GMT 2002

Steve Langasek <vorlon at> writes:

> For the purposes of getting a browse list, connecting to port 139 is a
> must.  There are ways to get the equivalent of a browse list via AD, but
> I don't think it's LDAP-only, so port 445 doesn't even do any good in
> this regard.
> For the actual enumeration of and connecting to shares, port 445 is
> likely to give some performance increase due to the lower protocol
> overhead.  You can also configure newer Windows machines (XP at least) to
> *not* support NetBIOS at all, in which case they'll only be listening on
> port 445.  OTOH, there are also plenty of older machines (NT4 and below)
> that are 139-only.

If an XP or other "new" machine is configured to not support port 139, and it
becomes a master browser then how would one get the browse list?

> Theoretically, it might be optimal to use port 139 to collect browse
> lists, and then use 445-else-139 for everything else.  Barring that, I
> think 139-else-445 would be the best option.

This may be possible to do.  The function where cli_initialize() and
cli_connect() are called, is passed a server name and a share name.  The share
name seems to be IPC$ for every call I've seen into here, but is likely a
"real" share name when opening a regular file.  I have occasionally seen a
server name of IPC$ as well.  I suppose I could trace and determine which case
is caused by which type of enumeration.  Do you know offhand in which case(s)
of server and share names I'm looking for a browse list?  What if I do
139-else-445 if share is IPC$, and do 445-else-139 otherwise?



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