Returning the size of the file to Clients

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Dec 20 02:06:00 GMT 2002

This was just brought up on the samba-vms list.

Samba makes calls on behalf of the client to return a file size.

The problem for this on OpenVMS, is that some of the text file sizes
include the record information.

When these files are sent to the client they are converted to a byte
stream format like UNIX uses.

But this results in a file that is a slightly different size than the
physical size of the file, usually smaller.

Only some applications, such as wordpad seem to be sensitive to this, as
others use the amount of data transferred.  It has been reported that
wordpad adds garbage bytes to the end of the buffer for the difference.

The 2.2.4 port of Samba to OpenVMS solves this by reading the entire
file in order to give the correct size.  This of course creates a big
performance hit when displaying a directory.

Is there anyway to differentiate for when the Client is opening a file
for an application, and when a directory is being listed?

I am also going to look to see if there is a more optimal way to
calculate the size of these text files.

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