Kerberized SMB client? User level SMB client?

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Dec 18 20:59:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Naomaru Itoi wrote:

> Thanks, Steve, 
> I was actually asking about SMB/CIFS client *filesystem*.  Excuse me for
> being unclear ... 

smbfs (not userspace) works just fine (*) with kerberos.

All kerberos work is done by smbmount (userspace) and that code is the
same as the one used by smbclient. The filesystem parts doesn't care about
kerberos when it is only used for authentication.

smbfs signals back to smbmount if it wants it to reconnect. But perhaps
you wanted more than authentication.


* - Well, it needs some changes to use ntstatus error codes, but that has
    nothing to do with kerberos.

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