S3.0a21 -> Creation of lokal Profile-Folder failed...

Exner, Christian christian.exner at reinisch.de
Tue Dec 17 12:07:00 GMT 2002

Hi there,

currently i'm running a RedHat 8.0 on I386 with
Samba 2.2.5 using LDAP as User- and Group-Database.
Samba is configured as a PDC.

In this environment everything (ok... the most :) is
working fine.

Now I've tested to switch to samba 3.0a21. No compile-problems. No
installation-problems. Access to shares works fine (after little
start-problems with samba-ldap-config). Joining the Domain works much better
than in 2.2.5

The Problem: After Joining the domain, domain-users and domain-admins that
are logging into the W2K-Workstation (SP2/ german) are not able to create a
local profile folder. (On german W2K in "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen")

There is only a folder TEMP that is removed automatically after logging off.
Error messages at logon notifys me that there are problems writing the
profile to the local disk. There are no hints to an denied Access on the
profile folder.

In another test I used smbgroupedit to assign Linux-Groups to Samba-Groups
but the result doesn't change.

The Domain-Administrator is member of group "Domain Admins" that is member of
"Administrators" on the W2K-Workstation.

Any hints what to do?
Any hints where to get a how-to creat a correct LDAP-Tree for Samba 3.0?


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