editreg command files

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at richardsharpe.com
Tue Dec 17 07:20:01 GMT 2002


Having thought about this issue a little more, I propose using a format 
similar to REGEDIT4. Indeed, for compatibility, I propose that editreg be 
able to process REGEDIT4 files, and that I specify an EDITREG1.0 file 
format as well.

REGEDIT4 seems to have the syntax:



Where a - in front of a key name serves to delete that key, otherwise it 
is added, and a - after the equal sign serves to delete that value name. I 
would imagine that an empty value name signifies the default value.

Since I also want to be able to deal with renaming keys, and 
adding/changing security, the EDITREG1.0 format will be similar to the 
above, except:




k-cmd ::= A | D | R # Add, Delete, Rename
s-kmd ::= A | I<n> | D | C # Add, Insert at n, Delete, Change

and so on ...

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